Municipal Beekeeping Information: Apiary Registration Form

It is generally advisable to keep your hives private, by having a hedge or screen to keep them out of sight from folks who don’t know about the safety of bees, or how to differentiate bees from wasps, etc.

It is also advisable to ask permission of your neighbors before installing hives on your property and taking care to understand the regulations and rules that govern beekeeping in your community, town or city.

Honey bees are everywhere, generally a part of the environment, and don’t pose a threat, but as we all know, generally benefit all of our neighbors with free pollination service.  Proper administration of honey, and even wine, can take the edge off the fear of those inevitable neighbors who are in the Nervous Nelly, or Perpetual Disapproval mindset, along with some helpful talk about the economic and environmental benefit of our friends the bees, who need our help surviving the pressures of hyper-industrialized society.

Alameda County Apiary Registration Form