Open Hive Dive in April 2023

Open Hive Dive in April 2023

What’s an open hive dive?!

In April, some generous club members will share their own hive inspection with new and prospective beekeepers. If you’re about to get your first bees, or if you’re still nervous about handling the bees you got and want to see how others do it, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

What an open hive is:

  • A free opportunity for less experienced beekeepers to see a hive inspection and handle bees with a more experienced ACBA member

What it’s not (and how to get the other thing):

To participate as a newbie: 

  1. Join the ACBA if you haven’t already 
  2. Look at the list of hosts below, then email or text the host to find the exact location and see if there is space available 
  3. Bring a beekeeping suit and gloves if you have them (if you don’t, ask the host if they will have one you can borrow when you sign up)
  4. Expect it to take around 1-2 hours 

Also, everyone involved should be fully vaccinated for Covid. Don’t attend if you have Covid symptoms, of course.

Open hive host list

Here’s the list of hosts. Again, email or text the individual host to connect and get the address.

Saturday April 8 @ 10:30 AM

Robin Chatham; place TBA in Contra Costa county. Text 925-858-9760 or email to get on the list. See the details; it will be fun!

Saturday April 8, 2-4 PM, Fremont

Phil Stob in Fremont. Email Phil at

Saturday April 8 @ 2:00 PM, North Berkeley

Robert Mathews, beekeeper for 5 years. Email Will also do some honey extraction.

Saturday April 15, 10:30 AM, Oakland near Hwy 13

Leslie Louie, Call or text 510-552-1686.

Saturday April 15, noon, San Leandro

Mark O’Neill,

Saturday April 15, noon, Berkeley

Jim Veitch: “I’ve got 3 nucs made from queen cells as part of swarm control, a recovering hive that lost its queen, a newly swarmed hive and the parent swarm.   We’ll be able to see lots of queens.” Email or text:, +1-510-367-9858

Sunday April 16 @ 1:00 PM, Berkeley

Contact David Bogdonoff,

Sunday April 16 @ 10:30, Livermore

Joan Houston, 925-409-7573. Bee geek, dripz honey & waxworks — see description of day here

Wednesday April 26 @ 11:30, Fremont

Sister Barbara Hagel. Call 510-325-3107; leave a message if no answer.

Thursday April 27 @ 11:30, Fremont

Sister Barbara Hagel. Call 510-325-3107; leave a message if no answer.

Saturday April 29 @ 10:00, Fremont

Greg Mau is hosting a “Grow Your Own Colonies” event in Fremont! Call or text (510) 427-6202 with your interest.

Want to host?

To participate as a host, pick a weekend day and time in April, then email to add or remove your listing above. Mention your general area, date and time, how many people can come, and how people should contact you.