Newsletter delivery problems?

Newsletter delivery problems?

The monthly ACBA newsletter to members is sent from Sometimes, your email provider might file the message in your “Promotions” or “Spam” folder. If this happens, there are some steps you can take to find it and prevent it happening again.

1. If you’re using Gmail, be sure to search “Mail & Spam & Trash”

Gmail has a  quirk: if you do a normal “All Mail” search for “”, it won’t find messages that might be in the “Spam” folder. To find those, click the extra search options icon (in red below), and be sure you’re searching “Mail & Spam & Trash” for longer than the default “1 day”, like this (check the two things circled in green):

2. Add to your email address book

Many email providers will avoid treating a message as “spam” or a “promotion” if it comes from an address in your address book. Adding to your address book is a good idea.

3. Mark the message “not spam”

If you find the email message in your spam folder, and your email provider offers a way to mark it as “not spam”, do that. It gives them a hint that future messages that look like this aren’t spam. It might look like this in Gmail, for example:

4. Drag the message to your Inbox

If the message arrives in a “Spam” or “Promotions” folder, move it to the “Inbox” folder, or to the “Primary” tab in Gmail. This gives your mailbox provider a hint that you want similar messages there. It should be possible to click the message and drag it:

5. Set up a filter

If none of the tips above help, you may be able to add a “filter” at your email provider. For example, Gmail’s search options have a Create Filter button that lets you “Never send it to spam”.

6. Check the archives

If worst comes to worst, the newsletter archives are available to members on the website.