Speaker Schedule

January – January 8 Program Topic: Swarm Catching and Bait Hives — Phil Stob & Andre Kruglikov

February – February 12 Program Topic: The Local Bee Initiative – Good for the Bees, and Good for us Beekeepers — Eugenia Scott, Phil Stob, & Jerry Przybylski

March – March 12 Program Topic: Spring Management Practices — Quentin Geant, Beeopic

April – April 9 Program Topic: Keeping Your Bees Healthy — Catherine Edwards, Robert MacKimmie, and Jim Veitch

May – May 14 Program Topic: Honey and Hive Products in Traditional and Modern Medicine — Dr. Richard Godfrey MD

June – June 6: Alameda County Fair Booth Build — We will gather to build our Alameda County Fair booth at 6pm

July – July 9 Program Topic: Bee Pests and Diseases — Bonnie Morse, Bonnie Bees

August – August 13 Program Topic: TBD — Dr. Elena NiƱo, UC Davis