Meetings and Events

Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 12, at 7pm
Studio One, 365 45th St, Oakland
Small Hive Beetles, Coming to Your Neighborhood presented by Janet Brissen of Country Rubes Enterprises

Janet and husband Mike, self-sufficient family and organic farmers for over 30 years, become hobbyist beekeepers in 1995 due to lack of pollination. As bees were losing their fight against the insidious Varroa mites they were horrified to discover that even the most organic-minded beekeepers were driven to use some type of chemical to save their bees. The Brissons build the versatile Country Rubes’ Screen Bottom Boards inspired by their own experience with Varroa and SHB control. Since 2005, by practicing Drone Management, using powder sugar, and refining their bottom boards, they successfully practice chemical free beekeeping now.