Honey sellers

Sellers of raw local honey in Alameda County

We’re occasionally asked where you can buy local, small-batch raw honey. Some local honey sellers are listed below (in a random order).

Sweet Serendipity Honey

Raw honey and beeswax products by ACBA
member Paula Breen in San Leandro / Broadmoor.

Visit www.sweetserendipityhoney.com
or text 510-900-9291 any time

Urban Beekeeper Honey

Uber-local hives in No. Oakland, Piedmont
and Montclair, with honey bottled by area
and not mixed together. Each bottle of raw,
unfiltered honey has pollen present and is
labeled with the location and date of harvest.


dripz honey & waxworks

raw honey • healing botanicals • natural beeswax
education • mentoring • swarm collection
women owned & operated


BioFuel Oasis

Several ACBA members sell honey
at BioFuel Oasis in Berkeley.

1441 Ashby Ave, Berkeley 94702
(510) 665-5509

Disclaimer: The ACBA does not sell honey and is not involved beyond offering free listings to people who have asked to be included. The descriptions and photos above are provided by the seller. Any purchases are directly between you and the seller, with no proceeds going to the ACBA. People who ask to be listed have told us they meet all cottage food and other legal requirements to sell honey to the public, but that has not been reviewed by the ACBA.

If you’re a seller of small-batch raw honey in Alameda County, and you’d like to be listed on this page, send an email to webmaster@alamedabees.org with:

  • a note confirming that you meet all the legal requirements to sell honey to the public;
  • a photo of your honey jar (or logo if you prefer) to be used on the page; and
  • the contact information you want publicly listed.

It’s not required that you be a member of the ACBA, but we hope you’ll join the club for other reasons if you’re not!

If you want to learn about the legal requirements for selling honey to the public, the club has an excellent presentation about that by member Paula Breen, available on YouTube.