Honey, This Is a Dessert Contest

The ACBA is sponsoring Honey, This Is a Dessert as part of the Adult Contests & Special Competitions at the 2018 Alameda County Fair.  ACBA member Clyde Serda will be judging the entries and publishing a booklet of all entry recipes after the event. Submit your favorite honey recipe and don’t forget to visit the ACBA booth at the fair!

When: Sat., June 30th at 11a.m.
Division: 1603
Entry fee: $2.00 Per entry
Limit: 1 Entry per class

  • Cakes (cakes, cupcakes, tortes, etc.)
  • Cookies
  • Any Other Dessert (pies, candies, confections, etc.)

Special Rules:

  • Open to all non-professional adults and youth (those who do not test or develop recipes for payment).
  • Youth must be at least nine years old and make the entry without significant adult assistance.
  • Entry may not include any prepackaged mixes or toppings.
  • Entry must contain at least ½ cup pure honey.
  • Enter one whole cake, pie, or torte; or six cupcakes, candies, or cookies.
  • Bring two copies of your recipe, including instructions (typed or printed): one with the recipe and your name, address and phone number in the upper right-hand corner, and the other with just the recipe.
  • All recipes become the property of the Alameda County Beekeepers Association and may be used by the media and for publication.
  • After preliminary judging on appearance, the exhibitor will plate one sample for each judge for tasting.
  • Please include a brief anecdote, tips, tricks, and/or lessons learned about this particular recipe and why this recipe was selected for this contest.
  • Each exhibitor’s name will be placed on a list with the guard at Gate 2 on Bernal Avenue. They will park there and deliver their entry to Building C. At that point, they will receive one admission and one parking pass.
  • Exhibitors will return to Gate 2, move their car to Gate 12 and park using the parking pass. Exhibitors will then enter the fairgrounds using the admission ticket they just received.
Judging Standards:
20% Appearance
30% Texture
40% Taste
10% Complexity
Special Prizes Per Class:
1st Place: $30.00
2nd Place: $20.00
3rd Place: $10.00
Grand Prize: Honey Gift
Basket for Best Overall Entry

See full contest rules on page 31 of the rulebook and enter online by June 27th at http://alamed.fairwire.com. If you have any questions, please email entries@alamedacountyfair.com or call (925) 426-7611.