Speaker Schedule

October 12 Regular Meeting 7:30 pm Program at about 8pm Jim Garcia, of Pirate Creek Bees. Jim manages five hundred or more hives for honey production and almond pollination contracts. He has been president of Delta beekeepers and is currently ACBA’s president Prepping Bees for the Bay-area Nectar Flow parallels Prepping Colonies for the Almond Pollination

How urban beekeepers can get a bees ready for bay-areas’ February nectar seasonJim Garcia

October 19 7:30 PM Program

Extra Presentation

Mike Goblirsch

Research Entomologist with the USDA – Agricultural Research Service stationed at the Thad Cochran Southern Horticultural Research Laboratory in Poplarville MS. Prior to starting his position at TCSHL in early 2020, he was a Research Scientist and Laboratory Manager in the Bee Laboratory at the University of Minnesota. Mike also earned his PhD in Entomology at the University of Minnesota with a focus on honey bee diseases.
His current research focuses on the use of a continuous cell line that he established from honey bee embryos to explore the effects of pathogens, such as viruses, and pesticides on honey bee health at the cellular level. He also studies the effects of existing and new pesticides on honey bees at the organismal and colony levels.

Social Immunity for Honey Bee Health.  

I will present findings from cell-based and colony-level investigations two examples of social immunity, social fever and resin collection.

November 9
Regular Meeting 7:30 pm Program at about 8pm
Chef Sue Donahue,
veteran beekeeper, ACBA secretary, and winner in the honey-dessert contest at the Alameda County Fair.Sue began cooking professionally around age twelve.  Her credentials now include a degree in Hotel Restaurant Management, and Working Chef Certification with American Culinary Federation and State of California. After a stint with Alice Waters, she bolted in favor of a whole-life that includes hotel-chef work, kids, dogs, friends, beekeeping and a good rally somewhere.
Cooking and Baking with Honey
Sue will give a little background on some histories of honey with Chefs and it’s uses in cuisine and culinary arts.
November 16

Program at 7:30 pm

Extra Presentation

Cassie Cichorz

Asian giant hornet outreach and education specialist at the Washington State Department of Agriculture. Graduate of University of Nebraska – Lincoln emphasizing soil and water science. Embarked on a career in natural resources and degraded wetland restoration with the National Park Service and State Agricultural Departments. Taught K-2 in the Rosebud Reservation, before moving to Washington and joining  the Pest Program with WSDA. Her background in environment and ability to teach drew her to become an outreach specialist emphasizing on Asian giant hornet.

Asian Giant Hornet Introduction
-Biology, Threat identification, Beekeeper Specific Information, and AGH look-alikes.
Four or five nests have been tracked down and eradicated as of the beginning of October ’21, according to news reports.
December 14
Election,  Pot-Luck
Honey tasting Show-and-tell
In-Person for vaccinated members
Assuming COVID-19 restrictions are lifted
CDC recommendations on masking, etc. apply
December 21 No Third-Tuesday program
Merry Christmas
January 11 Phil Stob
Swarm Traps  / Bait-Hives
Freebie free bees lured to your yard.
January 18 TBD
February 8 Jerry Przybylski
Swarm Collecting, the Swarm-List, and Serving our Community
February 15 TBD
March 8 Dr. Brian Johnson, UC Davis
Honey Bee Biology


Workshops are as yet unscheduled.