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February In-Person Meeting: Jennifer Radtke, Swarm Prevention in Early Spring

In person: San Leandro Marina Community Center 15301 Wicks Blvd, San Leandro
Our speaker will be BioFuel Oasis co-founder Jennifer Radtke on the topic of Swarm Prevention in Early Spring. Jennifer has over 19 years of beekeeping experience. She’s been teaching beekeeping classes for 13 years, and has published several articles in the American Bee Journal. She’s also a former Vice President of the ACBA and the author of a book on Bay Area beekeeping. Swarm pressure is very high for overwintered hives in the Bay Area.  The back & forth weather of February/March make it difficult to inspect the hive regularly.  Jennifer has only had a hive swarm once in the last 10 years & she's excited to share her strategies for preventing swarms (& keeping the neighbors happy)!  Everyone is welcome at the meeting, including beginners. It's a great way to meet people who can help you on your beekeeping journey. We hope to see you there!