Speaker Schedule

While the  Governor’s  Shelter-In-Place Order remains in force,
in-person general meetings are being replaced by Zoom™ (internet) meetings
at 7:00 pm on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.
Look for the meeting URL in the next ACBA newsletter.


Jan. 12

8pm (approx)

General Meeting

Phil Stob, current member of ACBA; leader of the Local Bees Initiative.


  Luring Swarms into our Yards; Bait Hive Design and Placement for Free Bees

Extra presentation


Renata Borba, PhD.

Affiliate of the University of Minnesota Bee Lab.

Propolis: what is it?  How do bees use it? How can humans use it?
Feb. 9, 2021

8 pm (approx)

General Meeting

Jerry Przybylski, 10 year member of ACBA; swarm hot-line co-ordinator.


Swarm catching! Free Local Bees and Community Service. Introduction and Guidelines for Participation on the ACBA Swarm List.
March 9

8pm (approx)

General Meeting

Hal Liske, Vintner and 20 year beekeeper with 50 hives; queen and nuc producer.


Spring Management
March 16

Extra Presentation

7:30 pm

Dewey Caron, PhD.

Professor Emeritus at Univ. of Maryland; currently affiliated with Southern Oregon University.  Regular contributor to American Bee Journal and Bee Culture magazines.

“Using a Resource Hive” –the 2 1/2 Hive Concept.


Workshops are as yet unscheduled.