Speaker Schedule

While the  Governor’s  Shelter-In-Place Order remains in force,
in-person general meetings are being replaced by Zoom™ (internet) meetings
at 7:00 pm on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.
Look for the meeting URL in the next ACBA newsletter.


Nov.10 Wally Shaw “Rust never sleeps”: Relentless Natural selection (evolution in progress) has achieved what high-tech bee breeding over 30+ years has conspicuously failed to achieve.

Nomination of Officer candidates

Dec. 8 Rob Keller from Napa, Ca. Methods and challenges of beekeeping without Varroa treatment

Election of Officers

Jan. 12 Phil Stob from Fremont, Ca.   Bait Hive Design and placement for free bees


Workshops are as yet unscheduled.