Contact The ACBA

Contact the ACBA

You can use this page to contact us, but first of all, see if any of these three apply to you:

Need help with a swarm of bees?

Visit our swarm help page and contact our swarm experts by phone.

Are you requesting a beekeeping presentation?

If you’d like to request that a beekeeper make a presentation at your school, company, or other organization, please use the Request a presentation from a beekeeper page.

Are you trying to reach all club members?

If you want to broadcast a message to club members, the best place to do that is on the Bee Talk Discussion Group, which is read by hundreds of members. For example, that’s a good place to ask if anyone wants to buy your old equipment, if anyone has queens for sale, and so on.

Contact form

If none of the three categories above apply, use the form below to contact the Alameda County Beekeepers Association.

    Need more contact details?

    To avoid phishing and spam, this public page doesn’t show the full names and email addresses of the people who receive the mail above, but members can view a private page with more details, officer names, and direct email addresses.