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Monthly Meetings

Regular ACBA Meetings are held Monthly on the second Tuesday at 7:30 PM
ACBA Meetings are open to the general public. We encourage anyone interested in beekeeping to join us. (Be prepared to introduce yourself)

Next meeting:  August 8th. Topic Joseph Sullivan:  Pesticide Identification in Urban Nectar and Pollen Samples

Studio One Art Center, 
365 45th St., 

Bay Area Beekeeping Events
September Meeting: Richard Godfrey:  The Honey Hunters of East Africa  How to Get Along with African Bees
October Meeting: Brian Johnson: Bee Biology
November : Cynthia Perry : Share the Bees: Natural Selection Beekeeping

This month’s topic will be very enlightening! Join us!

The Honey Hunters of East Africa;  How to Get Along with African Bees (with Richard Godfrey).

Richard Godfrey is an Associate Clinical Professor of Surgery practicing in Oakland California, and the author of “AFRICAN QUEEN Tales of Motherhood and Wild Bees”. Richard has traveled and worked in Kenya since 1985 and has worked with bees in East Africa, West Africa, Guatemala and the Bay Area.


ACBA Bee Symposium: Nov. 4.
If you are interested in helping to organize, publicize and strategize…  contact Jerry Przybylski

December: Holiday Potluck & Beekeeping Gadgets

Rotary Nature Center, 600 Bellevue Avenue, Oakland, California, 94610

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