Beekeeping Equipment Rentals

Members of the Alameda County Beekeepers’ Association (ACBA) have access to a host of beekeeping equipment and tools for rent.

Extractors and other equipment is available to rent and use by members only. During time of high demand for the club extractors, especially weekends, consider reserving it in advance. Please return all equipment in clean working order and immediately inform us of any mechanical problems.

Beekeeping Equipement List:

  • Wire into wax-foundation embedding transformer.
    • Embeds wire into wax foundation for stronger frames & better extraction.
    • Call Chuck for details & cost.
  • Dadant model M00401 ranger radial power extractor:
    • 6 medium-frame radial or
    • 3 deep-frame tangential
    • Electric Motor
    • $20 for 3 days. (No deposit)
  • 3 frame tangential extractor with a motor.
    • 3 frame (deep or medium)
    • Single sided extraction good for half capped frames
    • Electric Motor
    • $15 for 3 days. (No deposit)

*Each extractor rental includes: uncapping tank, hot knife, scratcher, bucket with gate, sieve, & heater

For more rental information and to reserve equipment call Chuck Zierdt (531-5832).

** In the event the club extractors are unavailable, consider contacting other club members who may be willing to share their personal extractors.