Speaker Schedule

January – January 9 Program Topic: Catching Swarms — Andre Krugilov and Bait Hives — Phil Stobb

February – February 13 Program Topic: Getting the most out of splitting — Judy Casale, Commercial beekeeper

March – March 13 Program Topic: Spring Beekeeping in the East Bay — Jennifer Radtke, co-owner, Biofuel Oasis

>>>> NOTE: The April meeting is ONE WEEK EARLY!! <<<<

April – April 3 Program Topic: Advances in Varroa Research — Samuel Ramsey, PhD student

May – May 8 Program Topic: Bee Chat!  Come and get your beekeeping questions answered by our local clubmembers.

June – June 12 Program Topic: Build the ACBA booth at the Fairgrounds in Pleasanton

July – July 10 Program Topic: Top Bar Beekeeping — Scott Jorgensen — Educator, Beekeeper, Peace-Corps alum

August – August 14 Program Topic: Bomb vs Bond; Getting to treatment free — Mea McNeal — Author, Illustrator, Master Beekeeper

September – September 11 Program Topic: What’s new around the state — Dr. Elina Niño — State Apiculturist