Meetings and Events

Next Meeting: Tuesday, January 8, 2019
The Basics of Swarm Collecting and Setting Up of Bait-Boxes/Swarm Traps
Studio One, 365 45th St, Oakland, at 7:00 p.m.

AndrĂ© Kruglikov, and Phil Stob will be speaking about The Basics of Swarm Collecting and the Setting Up of Bait-Boxes/Swarm-Traps. They will identify the most common swarm collecting equipment kit, discuss common swarm collecting situations, and identify potential safety issues. They will explain how bait hives can attract swarms from one’s own yard and the neighborhood. The program will include features that make the bait hive more attractive to scout bees from swarms.

AndrĂ©, Chief Bee Herder, Honey Squeezer and Beeswax Melter, ACBA member since 2010, keeps his bees in eastern Alameda. He has been coordinator, with Jonathan Zamick, of the swarm hotline phone system and email list. His day job in the South Bay is technology-related. Phil Stob, beekeeper since 2012, keeps bees in Fremont. Swarm traps he set on his block attracted eight swarms in ’15, a dozen in ’16, eighteen in ’17, and eighteen more in 2018!