Hello members!

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to The President’s blog!  Over the coming year I hope to use this blog to keep the ACBA membership informed as to what is going on behind the scenes at the officer’s meetings and to allow you an easy way to give me feedback about the various decisions and directions that the officers are taking on behalf of the club and membership.   You should be able to comment to any blog posts without having to register or have a specific email account like gmail or yahoo mail.  I do, however, encourage people to use their real names, or at minimum their real first name and last initial.  Comments that have real people behind them will certainly be given much more weight than those which are anonymous.   This blog is a work in progress so it will probably change a bit as we refine the site and the blog itself!

Some of the issues we are dealing with currently:

  • Replacement of the observation, fundraising for a new hive, and possibly renovating the existing hive to give us this year to raise funds for the new hive.
  • Finding an events committee chairperson, in general, and someone to chair the Alameda County Fair ACBA booth.
  • Curating and creating a better system for member access to the ACBA library

So, feel free to comment on this blog, the issues I have listed, or any concerns, ideas, or thoughts you would like to communicate to me, and the other officers about ACBA going’s on now, and in the future.

Mark Burlingame

Your President

We maintain this site through volunteers, please excuse any lags in updates.