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We Have noticed many posts on the comment page looking for help with swarms! There are a lot of them right now. Please call  510-898-6696 Please! Do not post on comments if you need help with a swarm! For more information on Swarms please check our Swarm Page: SWARMS!

We maintain this site through volunteers so please excuse any lags in the updates.

Our next meeting will be on August 8,  Studio One in Oakland.


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  1. New to the Family of beekeeping I am looking forward to June’s meeting since I just missed May’s . Looking for regulations or if I need permits for beekeeping in Oakland but I am unsuccessful on the internet any links where I can find that information?

    1. You do not need a permit, but come to the July meeting if you did not make the June. Someone can help you out. July 11, Studio One

        1. Sorry, did not see this until after the July meeting.
          please check the meeting and events page for updates.
          We meet every 2nd Tuesday. Our next meeting is August 8th.

  2. Hi, My kids and I met a beekeeper and talked with him about hi placing some hives in our huge backyard. It turns out he wanted to place 9 hives, which was going to be too much for our space. But now my kids are very excited about “hosting” some hives… we have a huge yard with tons of flowers and gardens, plus a lot of wild blackberry bushes in the back. We are mostly interested because the kids are excited and would love just an occasional jar of honey. If anyone is looking for space for their hive, let us know– we live between Lake Merritt and Fruitvale. Thank you!

  3. We have a yard full of nasturtiums and a love for local honey… this morning I combined the two and wondered what nasturtium honey might taste like. I’ve noticed and appreciated differences in farmers market honey flavored by nearby crops. Does anyone have honey they’d say is nasturtium “flavored”? Curious, would love to try some if it’s a thing!

    1. Don’t know of any nasturtium honey. The flowers are very deep and may not make good foraging. Have you seen many honeybees in your nasturtiums?

  4. Thank you for your information on my call regarding the extreme bee swarm coming from the inside of my garage, by the thousands to greet a contractor working on a construction project. We are sending you some pictures, hope someone can help relocate them a.s.a.p. Your information has been very helpful, Thank you Dottie Bronson-Wallace

  5. Hi I have a bee hive but am unsure of a great place to get bees from that aren’t a nuc since those tend to swarm after a year or two. Is there a place that I can buy swarmed bees from? I have two properties that I want to put bees on. One in Oakland and one in Smartsville.

  6. I too am looking for placement of a hive or two in my yard. I live in the Hayward hills, have a habitat yard with no pesticides and am not interested in collecting the honey. My interest is for pollination. I would be willing to add nutrition in winter if needed but hope the hives can be maintained by the owner. Easy access to the yard is available. Can you contact me if someone is interested in placing their hives in my yard? mona

  7. Hi, I have a problem with a brand new bee colony that showed up in front of my house this morning, however the SWARM number (510-898-6696) seems to be no longer in service.

    How can I get in touch with someone who can help?

  8. I am trying to remove bees from our siding, I have pest control, those folks are going to kill them, then thought of seeking help from bee removal persons.

    Any volunteer will help me to remove the bees from our siding

    1. Please contact our swarm hotline. 510-898-6696
      There will be someone who can rescue them. However there will be a fee for cutting out an existing colony to re-home them as you need a professional to do the removal.

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