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The ACBA welcomes you to our site. We maintain this site through volunteers so please excuse any lags in the updates.

Our next meeting will be on November 15th.

Check out our events page for updates, new events and workshops.


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  1. There are many. The “Practical Beekeeper” by Michael Bush “The Healthy Bee Hive: Effective Beekeeping Tips” by David Thomas
    “Natural Bee Keeping: Organic Approaches to Modern Bee Keeping” Ross Conrad. We also have a lot of books in our library.
    Come to our next meeting and meet bee keepers in your area who can mentor you. Our next meeting is tonight in the Lake Merritt Science and Nature building at 7PM. Check out our meeting and events page for more information. The Rotary Nature Center
    600 Bellevue Avenue,
    Oakland, California, 94610

  2. Can you post the document that needs to be filled out to register as a beekeeper in Alameda County that was discussed in the July meeting?

  3. Hello, We are “We Do Robotics” Jr FLL team at Fremont comprising 6 bright and curious elementary school kids. As this years Robotics challenge, we are to research Honey Bee, Honey Bee habitat, Animals that share the habitat, the problems then build LEGO Model of Honey Bee and at least one animal from habitat in a habitat set built for that purpose! We are learning a lot about honey bee and an opportunity to VISIT a local Apiary, even if private will be very INSPIRING for our curious team members. Please feedback if any of your member can arrange for us to visit an apiary, see bee in Action and learn more, be Inspired about honeybees!

  4. Hi I am looking to see if I can find someone who is willing to train me in bee keeping. I would love to help someone with their hives. I live in in the Livermore area. Is there a group I can become involved with?

    1. Hi,
      There are beekeepers in your area. We have a meeting on Tuesday January 10, we can see if there is a mentor in your area.
      Thank you.

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