Alameda County Beekeepers Association


The ACBA welcomes you to our site. We maintain this site through volunteers so please excuse any lags in the updates.

In the meantime join us at our next meeting at the Rotary Nature Center at Lake Merritt on October 11 we start at 7:30PM sharp for the general meeting.  Join us and help us celebrate our 100th Anniversary with a tasting of local honey.

ACBA is working with the Rotary Nature Center for the first Annual Nature Festival at Lake Merritt.  We have a booth arranged for the day, October 2nd (Sunday from 10am to 4 pm) to offer public tasting and purchase of local honey.

October Meeting Agenda
7:00 – 7:15 Novice Beekeeper Session
7:15 – 7:30 Social Time
7:30 – 7:50 Welcome to Guests
Officer’s Comments
Club Business
7:50 – 8:05 Bee Chat
8:05 – 9:00:  Honey tasting with member beekeepers 2016 Honey Harvest

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  1. Can you post the document that needs to be filled out to register as a beekeeper in Alameda County that was discussed in the July meeting?

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